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Statement on permitted and "Fair Use" of copyrighted material published within this Wiki.

Copyrighted material from the pages of this Wiki may be downloaded or a copy printed by individuals “for their own use” in the literal sense only. An individual may further pass it on individually to others as long as proper attribution (reference to the source) is clearly given. Without an explicit written agreement by the Copyright holder as stated, no one is allowed to sell or publish, in whole or in part, any of its content -- or use it in any way that benefits themselves or others financially. Such material may be freely used with proper attribution and cited for academic or legal purposes.

With regard to copyrighted materials for which copyright is owned by others than as stated herein as © 2011 Thomas W. Campbell, Jr. and reproduced herein by agreement of the actual copyright owner of said materials, reproduction and distribution of such work from this source is to be governed by the copyright terms of that materials copyright owner who must be consulted and approval gained for any such use.