The Beginning of Time

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The Beginning of Time as Change

Based upon the Void becoming the Plenum at time = 0, we now have in effect a cellular automaton that will make its first change of state to become time = 1. There are many things which we do not at present nor are likely ever to know. Other things from the previous asides for topology and cellular automata are pertinent here.

  • We do not know if all of the reality cells of the CA of the developing Consciousness Space began to cycle at one time or if there was an initial point from which functioning spread or even multiple points which had to grow together to include the whole.
  • We do not know the geometry of the configuration of the reality cells. From future knowledge yet to be discussed and the one specific previous reference to a particular geometry already studied for a CA, we assume for simplicity of discussion a 2 dimensional plane advancing into the third dimension as time represented by state changes of the automaton.
  • We do not know the topology of the reality cells within the plane of the CA as CS. Specifically that is which cells are 'adjacent' and thus interact under the rule set of the CA that is the CS. It may be uniform and related to the assumed geometry or it may be non uniform and not planar. It may initially be non uniform and become uniform as the cycling of the reality cells becomes uniform and universal. This could be expected to occur on the basis of Self Organization as described in the previously recommended 'side' studies.
  • We do not know the uniformity of the 'interval' between state change cycles. The condition between such state changes is undefined and does not represent time as we experience it here in PMR. What exists is the state at t=0, t=1, t=2, u.s.w. which is not a continuum and intermediate states do not exist. It may be initially uniform or become so as the result of eventual conscious action. Just as we cannot perceive whether the time intervals that define our PMR VR are uniform or not from the 'inside', it may not matter although it may do so in the future.
  • We do not know the rule set by which 'adjacent' reality cells interact. We have no basis for assuming that for instance a higher 'density' of perturbed reality cells causes adjacent reality cells to become perturbed in an analogy to stressed materials here in PMR. We do not know if a lower 'density' of perturbed reality cells results in a disappearance of perturbed reality cells as again an analogy to stressed materials in PMR. We can only assume that it is a relatively simple rule set based upon mathematical research here in PMR.
  • We can only assume that the pattern of perturbed reality cells in the initial plane of reality cells creates an advancing plane of reality cells 'paralleling' the initial cells at time t=0 into the future of t=1, 2, 3, . . . . For all that we know, if the geometry of the Void/Plenum was planar, there may be advancing planes in both directions. Likewise, if the geometry of the Void/Plenum was a spherical surface, advancing spheres of reality cells could occur but dual advances in 'opposite' directions would be hard to imagine.

Whatever the truth of the actual circumstances, we will assume for simplicity that at some t=n some number of cycles of reality cells into the future, we have a vast set of advancing planes of reality cells with a unique relationship of the state in each plane of reality cells to the adjacent planes of reality cells in the state change direction for corresponding cells so that state changes can be uniquely tracked in either direction from an arbitrary plane of reality cells. That is for a given data configuration within a state plane, there is a unique next state with t = tn + 1. Also for a given data configuration within a state plane, there is a unique relationship to the predecessor state with t = tn – 1. That is that the CA that is the CS at this state is reversible as in the paper to which you were referred on the Cellular Automaton page.

Another way to state this is the relationship of data in reality cells at a given state plane to both the previous state plane and to the succeeding state plane is deterministic. Thus data can be 'parsed' deterministically in either the forward or reverse direction of time progression as state changes within the LCS. It will be shown that this is a necessity within this model of Reality and consistent with observations and necessary within Virtual Realities and within the LCS as it develops.

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