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The Big Cheese is just a metaphor for that aspect or part of the consciousness system that regulates and manages what Thomas Campbell refers to as N-Division (another metaphor, also called NPMR(N)) which contains many independent virtual realities - our virtual universe being one among many. [MBT Forum 1][MBT Trilogy 1]

How Much Does The Big Cheese Interact With Me?

Unless one is a local who is involved in big picture politics, it is unlikely that you would run into (become aware of) the management function -- especially since management stays in the background dealing with big picture issues rather than interfering with the day to day tribulations of the players in the PMR VR. After all, in the PMR game of making personal choices based on first hand experience , meddling would mess up the clarity of the trainer's feedback. Management policy, where noticed, would seem like natural law. Imagine if you had no concept of government or social structures, (were totally isolated) and you one day teleported to NY city. From your short visit, you would have no idea that NYC had a mayor or a management structure. you might notice some evidence of social structure like social workers or teachers (guides) but the mayor and city councilmen would be largely invisible to the eyes of a visitor. The Big Cheese could get involved at any level of detail if that was pertinent to his goals and issues. (I say "his" because the energy, as it is given to me to interact with, has “PMR male" characteristics, so I use the term “male” as a descriptive metaphor – there is no deeper significance or message here about gender – my association is entirely superficial.). He is an “individuality”, as you say, that has a bigger picture. This one came up through the ranks and has personal experience in PMR. The last one did not. [MBT Forum 2]

Our Current Big Cheese

Thomas Campbell: "I only know what I have experienced directly. Bits and pieces of each but not whole stories. We all start out on the factory floor. Previous BC was essentially removed rather recently for cause. New BC is much better but started behind the power curve (negativity rising). That's more information than you know what to do with." [MBT Forum 3]

Is The Big Cheese God?

There is no direct correlation between the gods of man and The Big Cheese or AUM -- only a very indirect one driven by erroneous interpretation and lack of understanding. Thomas Campbell chose the title "Big Cheese" and a tone of irreverence purposely to discourage readers from deifying natural functions of the larger consciousness system - a thing humans are keen to do out of ignorance and fear and because they are herd animals (live according to common social rituals under the guidance of a strong leader). Because the levels of fear and ignorance are so high (PMR is an elementary school) the humans herd need gods much like they need air and water. Deifying the Big Cheese is a little like deifying the computer chip that controls fuel and spark in your car's engine. Fortunately, car parts do not share that human compulsion. [MBT Forum 4]

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