The Big Computer

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The Big Computer is a metaphor for a subset of AUM that is used to describe the fundamental nature of the process and functionality (computation, memory, and rules) required to implement our reality (NPMRN, OS, PMR, etc.). The Big Computer does represent anything mystical or magical, just a huge (but finite), fast, mundane number cruncher running excellent, but not perfect software.[MBT Trilogy 1]

The unactualized probable future database, actualized past database, and unactualized past database are all calculated and stored within The Big Computer. As choices are made by FWAUs in the present moment, The Big Computer increments time and updates the databases to reflect the choices taken.

On a more local level, the part of The Big Computer that deals with providing data streams to individual entities has been dubbed the VRRE. On a more cosmic level, the Even Bigger Computer (EBC) represents a super-set of The Big Computer that is used by all of AUM.

MBT Trilogy References

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