The Developing Meta Reality

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As stated on the previous page, the emergent properties of the primordial consciousness space as a cellular automaton has been used as an evolutionary tool to totally unify the vastness inherent to all of CS, creating the true AUO. This has been done by dividing the totality into independent individual areas, no doubt of varying sizes as in number of reality cells involved, and interconnecting them by the use of the creation of the Reality Wide Web and appropriate sprites as data transport, evolved to work within the RWW aspect of the CS. This provides a 'global' or 'universal' means of communication as the RWW, replacing what would otherwise be limited to local communication. In the process, names as addresses have been invented and at least the primitive beginning of pattern recognition as a means of intercepting appropriate data being carried over the RWW.

Where can evolution be expected to go next or at least, where can we anticipate the evolutionary process to take our model? First it will be necessary for the main aspects of this bout of emergent complexity to become fully distributed and available. This is really a matter of consolidation and not of new development.

  • We need a substantial percentage and preferably a majority of the proto IUOCs to have the capability of primal pattern matching so that they recognize and accept at least one kind of data circulating on the RWW.
  • We need these same proto IUOCs to have the capability to place data onto the RWW.
  • The balance of the isolated areas can in fact be completely isolated and available for future 'development'.
  • We need a way for the data carrying sprites of the RWW to traverse the whole of AUO and access every proto IUOC.

The first of these three requirements are probable to occur on the base of our initial emergence of a pattern throughout the RWW. What does not occur initially will probably develop with time considered as state cycles. The development of the RWW will require some further development than as discussed so far.

The Developing Reality Wide Web

We can have two options which could work in the spaces available to develop the RWW. We can have a multi bit, bi directional data bus of complete uniformity develop throughout AUO. This option does not appear to have a high probability of occurrence. How wide is wide enough to carry how much data in parallel? What mechanism might enforce such a developing pattern? How is traffic control effected at four way crossings without collision of data carrying sprites? For these reasons, this seems like an improbable design to occur naturally.

The other developing option which appears to be more likely to come about by natural means is for there to be enough width for two way ambulation of data carrying sprites to pass in both directions. This does not seem to be an unreasonable possibility of occurrence. After all, when the isolated patches of the proto IUOCs first developed, the open space remaining for the RWW to develop was initially filled with miscellaneous sprites of widely varying size, both stationary and ambulatory that would have tended to occupy a substantial space between the proto IUOCs. To go along with this, we need a complementary behavior. That is for data carrying sprites in a data chain to tend to perambulate along with a preferred side to be adjacent to a proto IUOC and to treat an oncoming train of oncoming data carrying sprites in the same way and to pass on the opposite side automatically from the side that is preferred to be in contact with a proto IUOC. That is, colliding data trains must be able to 'step aside' to permit passage in the opposite direction. This seems not impossible but is an unknown behavior of sprites within cellular automata at this time. It appears something worth while as an investigation of value.

Further Development of the Meta Reality

Upon development of the above improvements to the state of AUO to consolidate the potential gains made, we can start actual progress in the development of a true meta reality. This will primarily be based and depend upon the further development of the already mentioned ability to match patterns at a minimal level. Some IUOCs with a certain form of pattern matching and with the ability to deal with two different patterns must develop the ability to choose one pattern versus another at a given 'time', irregardless of what the criteria for choice might be. Perhaps based upon still a third pattern. And certainly and eventually upon many aspects and interrelations of patterns and pattern matching. Bring this up into the matching of patterns of patterns of patterns, . . ., as is inherent and observable in the operations of consciousness as one can observe within ones own consciousness. All done within different proto IUOCs out there in the vast array of proto IUOCs on the RWW at this point in the development of AUO. This interaction of proto IUOCs over the developing RWW provides the meta reality 'outside' of the basic reality of reality cells interacting in lock step with a fixed rule set in which free will can not exist. Free will being in this case the ability to manipulate data outside of the lock step fixed rule set of the reality cells.

The many ways of pattern matching and manipulation must proliferate to greater and greater complexity. It will take a vast number of changes of state for the reality cells of the CA that is Consciousness Space and at this point, AUO, for these abilities to spread and increase in the necessary complexity. Individual meanings and interactions must begin to appear between proto IUOCs and groups of proto IUOCs. These meanings may not have any meaning to us, if we could know of them, but we are referring to linkages or connections and the merest beginnings of the development of meanings. One can only speculate and generalize in this description of the vastly long process of the development of the complexities of interrelations necessary to begin to reach the beginnings of consciousness. Patterns of interaction and preferred connectedness and communication between proto IUOCs must develop with these developing groups to result in functions beyond the capability of any given proto IUOC. In addition, the proto IUOCs will be continuing to develop the complexity of the internal operations that they can carry on.

The True Bootstrapping to Consciousness

What we are describing is more complex than the development of a human brain from infancy to adulthood. The Virtual Reality brain structure has the advantage of human genetics to give it initial structure and the benefit of interaction with conscious human adults to provide development and meaning to the incoming data and guide developing understanding. What we are describing is the self assembly by trial and error and gradual development of meaning as if brain cells had to reach out and invent their interconnections from an initial absolute zero point rather than merely having to develop and increase the complexity of something already existing. We are taking something that was only an emergent pattern in the data within the reality cells of the pre consciousness CS and create the whole meta reality of the interconnections, data creation and data manipulation and interchange that eventually result in consciousness and the One Consciousness. The veritable bootstrapping process to consciousness roughly described and referred to by Tom Campbell in his trilogy of My Big TOE.

At some eventual point in the development of this meta reality, it starts to function as much more than the sum of its parts as individual proto IUOCs interacting with a few other proto IUOCs in a process that is locally incomprehensible and meaningless into the meaningful and truly conscious interaction of The One Consciousness as the sum of these functioning proto IUOCs. It begins to examine its own consciousness and existence. It can no more directly examine its base reality of the cellular automata of the CS than we can. But it can begin to create a conscious model and map based upon which it can build and create and manipulate its own self. It truly has free will in the most absolute sense. It is self aware in every sense of the concept.

AUO as The One Consciousness

We have reached the point in this description where AUO is truly the Absolute Unbounded Oneness. The development leading to consciousness has begun. The next step is the description, figuratively and speculatively, of the bootstrapping to become The One Consciousness.

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