The Nature of OOBE

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Question: I have 2 questions after absorbing all of the material in the lectures. The first question is in relation to the difference between OOBE and what you referred to as shifting your awareness to different reality streams. I get your description of an OOBE as leaving the house with no windows and being able to walk around and see in your back yard. You describe shifting awareness to a different reality stream as essentially being open to experiencing everything outside of your yard. But what is the difference between an OOBE experience and shifting awareness to a different reality data stream? Is there a difference in how each is accessed? If not then how do you go from being able to OOBE to being able to access different reality data streams? My assumption would be that it lies within your intent. But as I have never done either of these I am having trouble understanding why you would only want to hang out in the backyard instead of traveling the world?

Tom’s Answer: The difference between OOBE and exploring the larger reality is only belief and intent. What is generally thought of as the OOBE reality frame is a subset of the larger reality just like PMR is a subset of the larger reality.

All explorations beyond PMR are attained by focusing your intent to realize or accept data from data streams that are different from the PMR data stream. The OOBE is limited Because of limiting beliefs and limitations of individual imagination and understanding.

One’s intent must seek out the data bounded by a specific rule-set that describes a particular reality frame. Because your consciousness can only follow your intent, exploring the larger reality is something like being in the greatest of great libraries, where you must tell the librarians what you want and they bring it to you, and not realizing that this great library could possibly contain anything other than romance novels because that is the only type of book you have ever seen or heard about. The only picture that many individuals have of the larger reality is from reading about the personal and thus limited interpretations of data others have experienced and then translated into PMR sense data according to the best pattern match they could find in their own database of PMR experience. Believing these interpretations to be facts rather than symbols and metaphors limited by their own experience, they share their experiences of OOBE, or dreaming, or lucid dreaming -- or perhaps religious experiences or drug experiences as accurate descriptions of the larger reality. All of these sources together are probably no more inclusive of the larger reality than romance novels are of all books. The actual larger reality exists to us only as information/data (what we have been calling virtual reality) and is not limited in any way by some confused observers ability to pattern match it to their PMR experience-base.

To get to a reality frame that you have never heard of you must: 1) be sent/led/taken by someone who does know. 2) Have contact with someone who has been there or knows of it -- or knows someone who knows of it.

In other words you must link through another's consciousness. This is normal enough. I and others use this process all the time. For example, if your friend Joe tells you that he knows somebody that needs your healing help. Any time later, if you want to go to that person you simply direct your intent to “that person Joe told me about” while remembering the instance of Joe telling you. That provides a unique address to that person since there is only one specific person on the planet that Joe was referring to when he said that to you. You don’t need pictures, addresses, names, or a lock of hair – the link through Joe’s consciousness is sufficient whether or not Joe is still alive in PMR – it’s all in the database (which is what you are really using anyway).

However, the point is, if you do not understand the nature of reality and think NPMR is just a funky PMR (standard belief and assumption) you go about exploring NPMR like you would go about exploring Central Park, or the Grand Canyon. You believe everything in NPMR must be continuous and contiguous because in PMR space and reality seem continuous and contiguous and your limited understanding cannot imagine that it could be any other way. That belief limits you to your back yard – or in a different analogy, to romance novels. To leave the OOBE reality you need to take a discontinuous jump to another frame just like you had to make a discontinuous jump from the PMR frame to the OOBE frame (even though your awareness is continuous throughout the jump). You might say that you have to go out of your out of body body, but that terminology just confuses the issue even more – it’s about consciousness, not bodies. You can make the jump directly from PMR to any other frame for which you have access to a unique address.

It is really simpler than it sounds – much easier to do than it is to explain. I hope I have answered your question and not just confused you.

Tom C