The Two Postulates

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The conceptual origins of the My Big TOE Model of Reality

Tom Campbell stated that on the basis of the power of simplicity, he was going to derive his model of our Ultimate Reality as Consciousness Space on only two assumptions or postulates. The beginning of our reality we have already stated and described as the Void and its transition into the Plenum, just as Tom Campbell did. The Void is the accepted beginning among past metaphysicians and mystics of all ages and cultures as the origin of All That Is so it is a very desirable starting place for a beginning of a model to be based upon principles of modern science. We thus unify this understanding as a scientific model with the strictly metaphorical and mystical models of reality of the ancient past. This is basically the result of the fact that everyone finds this same basic place, both then and now, when they look within and quiet their mind adequately.

The Completion of the First Postulate

Expanding this concept was that the Void as quickened consists of a previously unobserved and undescribed field of Reality Cells which constituted the quickened Void which was part of the distinction between the Void and the Plenum. The Plenum contained initially random data in effect as the reality cells were either 'distorted' or 'undistorted' creating a binary digital field. From your recent study of Cellular Automata in the prior 'aside' page and as part of the reason for this study, this should be immediately recognizable as the description of a cellular automaton which has not yet begun to cycle its cells, filled with a random arrangement of data.

What the basis is for this quickening of the Void into the Plenum is beyond our knowledge. Any assumption of a reality outside of and containing and interacting with this, our beginning All That Is, is outside of and unnecessary to the My Big TOE Model of our Ultimate Reality. Beyond is pure speculation. This speculation could be continued on to include continuing interactions with something outside of our Consciousness Space. However, this does not logically follow in the development of the model and the basis of this statement will be provided much later in this development.

The quickened Void as the Plenum will be viewed as a primitive or proto consciousness or perhaps better a pre conscious construct as we are here describing its development into Consciousness Space. The existence of consciousness in whatever form or degree is the First Postulate. It is in any case most certainly the consciousness energy field which is the power behind Consciousness Space throughout its development into full consciousness of The One and on to the Absolute Unbounded Oneness and the Absolute Unbounded Manifold.

The Second Postulate

Tom Campbell's second postulate upon which the development of the My Big TOE Model of our Ultimate Reality is based is stated as the Evolutionary Principle. The evolutionary principle in this case is applied just as it is applied in the discussion of the development of life starting in the seas of our PMR earth back at the beginning. It starts with the random interaction of chemicals until such time as the chemicals develop into compounds that are fundamental to life at its most primitive. Once those chemical compounds most basic to life have been brought into existence, it only requires more time for those initially required chemical compounds to mix and match until such time as the spark of life is ignited. It is a long and complex process, but we accept that it did occur and science has unraveled many of its mysteries over time and with study.

In this case, the Evolutionary Principle will be applied to the changes and interactions that will develop starting in the random data of the quickened Void as the Plenum when time begins as we move forward from our present time = 0 at the instant of the quickening of the Void into the Plenum.

We Now Begin the Advance of Time.

It is now time to advance forwards from time = 0. Beginning the creation and advancement of time as change, continue to the next page.

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