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Tom Campbell begins the actual description of our Ultimate Reality, Consciousness Space or the Consciousness System, as follows within Book 1, Section 2, Chapter 24 | P 188 of My Big TOE:

Tom Campbell's Introduction to the Void

"Let's start with the most difficult concept first, the one that appears mystical from the PMR point of view. This concept assumes the existence of an apparently (not necessarily actual) infinite absolute something: A Oneness that is uniform, plain, and without differentiation. This apparently infinite source of our larger reality has no discernible boundaries, edges, or limits (as a perfectly calm ocean would appear to you if you were floating in the middle of it). This undifferentiated something would seem to be, and has often been called "All That Is," "The One," "The Void," "The Primordial Big Dude," {i. e., God, inserted for clarity in the present context.} and other similar philosophical descriptions. It represents the fundamental core of existence. It is a familiar concept to various religious and spiritual conceptualizations. An absolute no-thing, pervasive, yet exists beyond our space and time. It is simultaneously everything (in potential) and nothing (no-thing, no differentiation or boundaries)." [MBT Trilogy 1]

General Discussion of the Void

Mystics have explored and recorded over the ages and I {Ted Vollers as my personal statement.} have myself encountered an experience that amounts to the pre development state of this, our Ultimate Reality. That is the experience of the Void. This is perceived as a vast emptiness, yet lacking any basis for dimensionality, other than as the bias introduced by our perceptions as beings experiencing this Physical Matter Reality (PMR). How can there in fact be any reality to the concept of vastness, sometimes even referred to as infinite, in an empty void with no reference points? Without reference points, how can we perceive any aspect, any clues to size as for a physical space as we would perceive it here in PMR? In emptiness, clearly the primary characteristic of the Void state, what is there in fact to perceive? More realistic and consistent with the actual existence of the Void would be the conception of boundlessness. This makes much more sense for a perception of a ‘space’ that is non-physical and experienced as existing within Consciousness Space yet as the precursor to Consciousness Space. The Void is sometimes described as shining, although there is no potential there for sight, light, anything to reflect the light or any being with ‘eyes’ to see. This is our PMR filtered ‘perception’ or bias as opposed to a true, unfiltered perception. There is the perception of timelessness, although there is also no conception of or clue to such a thing as time. It is more like a state of pristine and endlessness existence, of simply ‘being’. It, as the Void, is the primal state of existence so perhaps it is appropriate that it has no aspects to our perceptions but being within timelessness. It simply is and perception of it is on a mystical rather than any other basis; gnōsis as opposed to epistêmê. That is, mystical perception rather than mundane or scientific knowledge. This perception must in fact be something provided by the One Consciousness as we request with our Intent as opposed to something that we perceive or can perceive on our own through any sense such as sight.

Is the Void where we go in meditation?

In meditation, we seek to gradually turn off the chatter of our Internal Dialog, leaving us with only transient passing thoughts which we do not allow to engage our attention or perhaps to even totally remove this dialog for increasing lengths of time or to even have it cease for longer periods of hours. The purpose is the removal of 'noise' in order to let the 'signal' from the LCS reach our attention. That is in technical terms, to improve the signal to noise ration and thus allow the signal of LCS or NPMR contact to be more readily perceived. While this is sometimes referred to as accessing the Void state, it probably is not unless one reaches the point of being able to maintain very deep states of meditation with internal silence for extended periods. Then we apply our Intent to perhaps establish communication clearly with guidance or perhaps to request access to or contact with the Void. If one chooses the latter of these two options, the Void may be presented to us as described above by the LCS. The Void is something which we cannot 'see' or otherwise experience on our own. It is an experience which must be supplied to us by the LCS as it is not a VR experience but rather a special experience of direct apprehension and where we have no senses as no sense organs. So while we can access the Void during meditation, doing so is not the normal result and purpose of meditation.

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This Void is the primordial existence state of our Ultimate Reality, preserved as existing before the initiation of the progression of the development of the Consciousness System down the long road towards the arising of consciousness and all the other present aspects of our Reality. Information on the Void is so readily available elsewhere that references will not be specifically provided here. Do be aware that these other viewpoints will interpret the Void differently. To consider the next step of this progression, please continue with

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