The most direct way to progress is generally not through a doorway into NPMR

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Living gracefully with uncertainty is a major challenge for most people.

The companion to that lesson is to learn how to make progress with effort and focused intent but without exerting any control/manipulation of self to make things go the way you think they should.

Growth is natural and follows at its own speed as you change at the being level – that process cannot be rushed very much or pushed by the intellect. To optimize progress:

1) Make each tiny, great or mundane choice reflect doing the right thing for the right reason.

2) Search for beliefs, fears and expectations, as well as attitudes and feelings that reflect ego, and eliminate them at the being level.

3) Live fully engaged in the moment, in the present, and approach existence with love, compassion, and open minded skepticism.

4) Learn everything you can learn about everything, engage others in relationship, travel and experience (this will broaden and deepen your experience base and thus enrich and support accurate interpretation in all the realities you experience).

Focus on these four goals and everything else (including your facility and exploration of NPMR) will fall out naturally around your interests and intents.


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