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Q: You may or may not have the proper intentions and still gain those abilities to a degree.

Tom: That is true. It is a little like finding a side door that lets you sneak into the Library of Congress (thus giving you unearned access to almost everything ever published in English) and then only being able to “read” comic books (look at the pictures) because you are six years old and only have a first grade education. You also have a six year old's attitude and maturity level -- and thus little ability and interest in improving yourself to go beyond looking at the pictures in comic books. Your discovery of the side door is, at best, of little value beyond providing superficial amusements. At worst, it is wasting your time and distracting you from other more important things (like going to school) that you could be doing to develop your abilities.

A side note: Some of the people who sneak in the side door are given their unearned access because of complaining bitterly last experience packet about “… if I only had access… I could have learned and grown so much more …” Most will squander that access because, like the six year old, the quality of their being is not yet developed to the level where they can profit from the experience. If it had been, and if the experience of NPMR was deemed a useful stimulant to their personal growth, they would have had the experience. At the end of this packet, their complaint will be silenced with direct proof that leading with the intellect and ego is not profitable. Develop your being and let whatever follows define your next step.

Q: But the want to access NPMR/OBE in a more conscious experiential fashion is coming from where then? I want to know undeniably, fully aware and experience that this is the truth not fragmented intermittent experiences. To Taste it, touch it, feel it to be so.

Tom: Primary: Continue focusing on growing up. Secondary: Continue to develop your ability to explore the larger reality. Let the two mature together. If becoming adept at exploring the larger reality is on your path (an integral part of your personal growth process), then both the quality of your consciousness and your ability to be operational within the larger reality will blossom together. Make no demands, have no expectations, but do follow the path that your intuition guides you toward. Have confidence that what you need to know will unfold in front of you when you are ready to understand and have the need to know it.

There may be much value in trying to understand what you are doing, where you want to go, how you might go about getting there, and how the view looks from the big picture – and very little value (sometimes negative value) in trying to tie down all the details and understand every nuance of the entire process from your current perspective. Generally, big picture education and understanding is a "just in time" process delivered only when you are ready to make good use of it. Get the big picture, take one step at a time in the direction you feel compelled to go in, and forget about intellectually crunching the details – they will take care of themselves.

Tom C.

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