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This is a stub page within which to start creating the tree of pages describing Tom Campbell's past and future Workshops, Lectures and other Events of all kinds. It should contain a sequence of paragraphs describing each event with basic information such as Date, Title, Location, Venue as well as other information which you consider pertinent. The paragraph should end with a link to the page within the Wiki which describes the Event in full. Once this page is begun in fact, then these instructions should be moved to the discussion page and amended as necessary with time. It can be expected that eventually the first page as described above will become a second tier page for a specific year to keep the pages to reasonable size. This page will eventually be replaced by a page listing the years and branching to the pages for each year. If space is available on this 'page of years', the date, title and venue might at least be given so that an event of interest can be located by year.