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Tom Campbell's international history of presentations of Workshops and Events is listed below in a timeline form, starting with any future events already planned at the top and continuing back into the past. This page is your entry page to find an event of interest and then go to the page where it is detailed and any recordings made, video or audio, are linked so that you may hear the presentation. Any transcript created is also included. This provides a complete record of Tom's personal presentations and discussions along with others that are available on video or audio recordings.

Cumulative links to Audio Extractions From Video Presentations

On a partial rethinking of the plan for this page, extracted audio .mp3 files taken from Video recordings of the Events below and Interviews are presented at one location where they might be of interest for downloading and use on individual recording devices for listening when it would not be convenient to watch the actual Video record of an Event.


Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA

Marbella, Spain


New York, NY

Costa Mesa, CA

  • Costa Mesa, CA February 27, 28, 2010 Ayres Hotel and Suites by MBT Events

Campbell, California


London, England

Toronto, Canada

Asheville, NC