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This is a link page from which pages relating to translated My Big TOE materials can be accessed. This includes translations of the MBT books and voice overs, subtitles or videos are included as available. Eventually when materials are available, this will include voice only recordings from videos and reading from the various original and translated materials. This information is still being gathered and information from those managing these projects is requested so that those wishing to help and participate may do so and that potential users of the materials will know where to download it.


Not a page of translations but a link to transcribed Events, extracted voice from Video presentations, possibly computer generated readings and other versions other than the original format available in English.


It is understood that work is underway on French translations but insufficient information is available to create a French Translation page.


Translation is not complete but here is a link to the German Translation page. This is just two long page as the posting has not been brought up to date with the latest plan for these translations as individual chapters per Wiki page. There may be problems with your browser because of the page length.

At present, 16 of Tom Campbell's videos have been translated into German and on the following link they are hosted with 'voice over' of these translations in German. They are hosted on the web site with a link to the page on which they are all available below.


Translation is not complete but here is a link to the Hungarian Translation page which is the most complete to date.


It is understood that work is underway on Portuguese translations but insufficient information is available to create a Portuguese Translation page.



It is understood that something has been finished but clear and definitive information is not available to create a Spanish Translations page.


A new translation project is beginning with Tom's permission into the Turkish language. No parts are available as yet.

Notes and Recommendations for Translators

Translation of difficult concepts into another language is a difficult undertaking. It is greatly appreciated as a means to spread the concepts developed by Tom Campbell to a wider audience in other countries besides English speaking countries. These concepts can be important world wide in modern society. The Notes and Recommendations page given here is not a matter of directions as to how to proceed with the actual translation process. It is rather suggestions for best efficiency to interface with the Wiki administration for display of the results on this Wiki and to produce an accurate, quality translation. If the translation is to be made available otherwise, that can also be arranged, as in linked from here, based upon the arrangement or agreement between the translator(s) and Tom Campbell.