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This information will address only items pertinent to [U]My Big TOE[/U] knowledge. My resume includes information pertinent to my professional career.

I learned a lot by my first reading of [U]My Big TOE[/U] and intend to continue to re-read it until I feel I have gained all I can from it. Working on the Wiki will reinforce this knowledge and add to it by my working with information from [U]My Big TOE[/U] and by [U]My Big TOE[/U]-related information that comes from the Discussion Board and other places. So, I guess my first reason is rather selfish -- to increase my own knowledge. However, I also think that the Earth's best chance of making it to the year 2100 is getting this kind of information out to as many people as possible.

All my life, my favorite activities have been learning new things and exploring (all kinds). I regard this as a rare opportunity to learn a lot of extremely valuable information quickly – I will be “forced” to study it in order to post intelligent articles in the Wiki. At the same time, I will be helping provide this information to others not familiar with it.

Now to address the questions asked on the page "Introduction for New Members" under the "evaluation factors" section of the page:

[B]Have you read the Trilogy by Tom Campbell, [U]My Big TOE[/U] and more than once?[/B]

I have read [U]My Big TOE[/U] one time so far, completed in 2010. I am on my second reading of the book and, checking, I am currently on page 170.

[B]Are you a Forum member and post regularly and with high quality posts on the Forum?[/B]

I joined the forum on June 10, 2010. So far, I have been just a lurker and trying to read and learn from others as much as I can. I only recently started to post (May 19, 2011) -- on the subjects of re-reading [U]My Big TOE[/U] and the new Wiki.

[B]Have you demonstrated a good command of the concepts within [U]My Big TOE[/U]?[/B]

I have not "demonstrated" such before, but I think I have a fairly good understanding of the basic concepts of [U]My Big TOE[/U].

I have been reading books about the universe/creation since the early nineties -- all of the Monroe books, [U]The Holographic Universe[/U] (Talbot), quantum physics books, [U]Soul Traveler[/U] (Albert Taylor), Bruce Moen's books, some of Robert Bruce's books, some of Greg Braden's books and courses, "Abraham's" material (Jerry & Esther Hicks), some of Robert Peterson's writings, some of William Buhlman's books, [U]A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe[/U] (Paul Rademacher), [U]Miracles of Mind[/U] (Russell Targ), books on remote viewing, New-Agey stuff, and other things I can't recall at the moment. A lot.

However, Tom Campbell's book is unique with it's well thought out theories and Model of Creation. Although I have heard other sources in the past say that "everything is consciousness", I have never heard anyone else flesh out his theories the way Tom has. It makes more sense to me than anything else I have read.

On a practical level, I have been "Traveling" (Tom would call it "shifting focus") using the methodology of Bruce Moen, in NPMR since December 18, 2009. That date was my first entry into "the edge of the Afterlife" (to the best of my conscious knowledge anyway). Since that time, I have Traveled most days of the year, maybe missing a few due to not feeling well or being around others for the day. Some trips are excellent, with good focus and clarity. Others are poor, with my "Drunken Monkey" interfering with my focus and causing generally fuzzy perception. I have yet to figure out what is causing the poor days enough to completely prevent them. They still come and go. I usually do a Retrieval or two on these trips and sometimes a healing -- the rest is exploration. Sometimes I do as Tom suggested and ask "Father" (my term for the "Larger Consciousness System") to take me somewhere that would be good for me. This sometimes results in most interesting trips. I have made some good friends “over there” and found many of my deceased relatives/friends. To me, the area of NPMR I frequent seems most "earth-like", although I have been taken to some "alien" areas by my Helper and by the "Father".

A brief summary of my understanding of basic concepts of [U]My Big Toe[/U] follows:

Consciousness is "all there is". The "Larger Consciousness System" (LCS), an NPMR, is a digital information system -- it is finite, though unimaginably large, and we have no hope of comprehending anything beyond the LCS. The bacterium in the intestine thing. The LCS contains probably almost uncountable numbers of smaller "local" NPMRs. Within one of those smaller local NPMRs resides probably almost uncountable (though finite) PMRs, one of which includes our Universe and its Earth. Each local NPMR is probably similar, containing uncountable numbers of PMRs. Tom states that there are also other types of realities, besides PMRs, in these local NPMRs.

Our PMR is a digital "virtual reality" generated by the LCS with 3D pixels being "refreshed" by a 3D raster scan in a 3D sweep of each 3D pixel at time increment “delta-t” (10EXP-44 seconds). The speed of light is constant in our universe because of the characteristics of this refresh raster scan. The pixel volume must be constant and the delta-t must be constant to have a coherent, logical universe that doesn’t jump around all over the place. Since the speed of light can be calculated by dividing the cube root of the pixel volume (length of a side of the pixel cube) by the time require to cover that distance (delta-t) and it is also stipulated that both of these quantities must be constants -- then the speed of light has to be constant. Voila, Tom solves one of physics great mysteries while drinking a mint julep on his deck in Alabama.

In our local PMR, which is a virtual reality created by data streams from the LCS, each of us exists as a “Free Will Awareness Unit” (FWAU). We seem “independent” in our own “mind”, but we are actually part of an “Individuated Unit of Consciousness” (IUOC), which some would term our “Higher Self” or our “Oversoul”. The IUOC is actually part of the LCS, but is fed data to cause it to feel that it is a “separate entity”. The LCS is the overarching power and control of all existence – at least to our ability to comprehend. Many would call the LCS “God” and, indeed, it has all the characteristics. However, there may be, as Tom says, consciousness even greater than the LCS beyond it. That is beyond our power to know – though we can speculate about it.

[B]Are you either a good speller or familiar with spell checkers and their effective use?[/B]

Yes and yes.

[B]Do you have an academic background or otherwise have a good command of editorial or formal writing?[/B]


[B]Can you refrain from 'texting' shortcuts and general poor quality writing and chatting?[/B]

Yes -- I hate it.

[B]Can you dedicate sufficient time to the project that you can also monitor Discussion pages?[/B]

I think that would be a requirement to turn out a good product.

[B]Have you read the Help Manual MediaWiki that is our present standard for creating the Wiki?[/B]?


[B]Are you prepared to try to overcome any deficits you might have to be fully effective?[/B]

Yes, certainly. That was required throughout my engineering career.

[B]Are you prepared to work in relative obscurity without the ability to display your personality?[/B]

Yes, I have never been one to seek the "limelight".

I would like to state one last thing -- my preference in work assignment. I am an "ideas & concepts & applications" kind of guy. I would be rather bored by biographies and such-like. I wish to work with the information contained in [B]My Big Toe[/B] and related information in the Discussion Board and other sources.

If you need any further information, also please let me know.

Thank you,

Darryl Rogers (Board Name: Quaero) 5/29/2011