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About me - I am a Electronic Hardware Engineer working with Point of Sale systems in Australia. I enjoy riding my bike and exploring the larger reality. I also enjoy flying over to TMI and doing courses, but have to save money I guess. By the way did you hear Paul Radamacher resigned? It is a shame because I thought he was a very genuine character.

I have read the trilogy and and pretty happy with it. It is a lot to take in and one really needs a bit of scientific perspective and a bit of left-brain bias to grasp what Tom has to say.

Tom is really too busy to be working on this site all the time - He has workshops to organise that he doesn't profit from and has to work full-time doing Risk Analysis for the DoD, which is surprising, as I would think they would be a pretty conservative bunch. I don't know how he keeps a clearance with a side interest like this, without being branded as an outcast or worse! :)

Toms talks are good to listen to while bike riding too. It is useful to double up and develop new concepts, while keeping fit. The forum discussion was interesting to hear, as was the recent 5-episode workshop uploaded to YouTube. I did like his description of the double-slit experiment. Until that forum discussion, I never completely understood it. I have been contemplating ways of repeating the results. Maybe I have already repeated some of the results while at work. We outsourced some hardware work to China and no longer know what the battery system is doing, hence there is high uncertainty and we are getting random data from it. My boss did not fully understand my interpretation of the data or have the sense of humor to appreciate it.

I have just realized that there are too many 'I's' in this biography and would despise to come across as someone with an ego, so might leave it there.

Cheers, Dom