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About me - I am a Electronic Hardware Engineer working with Point of Sale systems in Australia. A number of certain events have occurred that have led to the exploration of the MBT concept.

It is a pretty solid case that Tom is presenting and challenges many of our existing paradigms. It is a lot to take in and one really needs a bit of scientific perspective and some predisposition to left-brain bias to grasp what Tom has to say.

Tom is doing pretty sound job presenting new workshops on challenging new ideas and concepts, while maintaining the cultural status quo and security requirements for a range of conservative Defense Organizations and clients. It must be hard work pretending to me normal at the very least. At least it brings in some cash for the workshops!

Toms talks are good to listen to while bike riding too. It is useful to double up and develop new concepts, while keeping fit. The forum discussion was interesting to hear, as are the ongoing YouTube seminars and presentations. It is not so often that we find someone who is Toms age and is also technologically savvy.

As we might say in Australia, Tom, you have done a top job mate!