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I'm a 25 year old male living in Canada, known as "msagansk" on the My Big TOE forums. My profession is that of a computer engineer working for a public utility. I have been meditating for the past year or so, and have had a few spontaneous lucid dreams and OBE's. I have taken the Gateway Voyage program at The Monroe Institute, and I have created my own tracks with Gnaural so I'm quite familiar with binaural beats. I have been a member of the MBT Forum for almost a year, and have read every single post Tom has written (while bookmarking some of the more significant ones). I have probably watched every video of Tom available on YouTube, some more than once. I have met Tom in person once recently, in Calgary. I actually own two copies of the books.

I've answered the questions you put on the "Introduction to New Members" page. Please excuse my informal tone, as I thought that formally repeating the question in my answer might become tedious for you.

Have you read the Trilogy by Tom Campbell, My Big TOE and more than once? Yes, I'm currently on my third read.

Are you a Forum member and post regularly and with high quality posts on the Forum? I am a member and have made over 100 posts. I do quite a bit of lurking but I post whenever I feel like I can add some value to the discussion.

Have you demonstrated a good command of the concepts within My Big TOE? I've asked and also answered many questions on the forum, so I would say I have a fairly good command of the concepts but I am probably not an expert. I think it is quite probable that I will be studying the concepts of MBT for the rest of my life in PMR.

Are you either a good speller or familiar with spell checkers and their effective use? Yes, I am a good speller but I am also a computer engineer who is quite comfortable with using technology as a tool, including spell checkers.

Do you have an academic background or otherwise have a good command of editorial or formal writing? I have a bachelor of science degree, so that is somewhat academic but I do work in industry. I write formal reports in my day job and also towards my profession's regulatory body.

Can you refrain from 'texting' shortcuts and general poor quality writing and chatting? Yes, I don't like that kind of communication - although I did do it myself as a teenager.

Can you dedicate sufficient time to the project that you can also monitor Discussion pages? Sure. I work in an office at a computer all day so taking a few minutes here and there to monitor discussions shouldn't be too big of a problem. I also own a Blackberry with unlimited data access, so I can peek in on the Wiki anytime/anywhere (I already do that with the forum).

Have you read the Help Manual for MediaWiki that is our present standard for creating the Wiki? I have read some of it, and am working my way through it. There is plenty of good reference information in it that I would refer to in the future as well.

Are you prepared to try to overcome any deficits you might have to be fully effective? Certainly - I'm focused on personal growth. I'm not perfect and I'm well aware of that.

Are you prepared to work in relative obscurity without the ability to display your personality? As an engineer I think I'm somewhat used to working in relative obscurity presenting "just the facts".