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A virtual reality is a reality appearing within the mind of an individuated being that participates in that virtual reality (VR). It is generated by the incoming data stream from TBC which is specifically created to provide the individual participant with it's own perspective point and internal sensations within the VR. This includes the conscious perceptions, including internal thought stream, of the individual. This incoming data stream source can be further spoken of as created by the VRRE as a further conceptualization of this specific function of TBC. The properties of a VR and as it is experienced by the participants is based on a rule set or sets that define these properties. It exists within the mind of the participant although it appears as external to their mind, both internal and external to their perceived virtual body associated with their participation in the VR. A participant experiences their 'native' VR (as opposed to one that they are visiting only by mentally switching to another VR data stream in which they are not 'native') as a physical reality in which they possess a body, although the nature of that body varies depending upon the nature of the VR. A 'non native' VR is perceived as being non physical in that you move by thought rather than by 'walking' and what is visualized that would be 'solid' if native is non material. In an OOBE, you move out of your 'native' place within PMR and the result is that your perception is the same as of a 'non native' VR.[MBT Forum 1]

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