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A most serious and sincere welcome to all who come to the My Big TOE Wiki as Visitors. You as Visitors are the whole reason and purpose for the existence of this Wiki. All of our volunteer Members and Tom Campbell are in all seriousness doing all of this for you and hopefully for your benefit and pleasure.

This is not the common type of wiki like WikiPedia where anyone visiting the wiki can create and edit pages. While this can work and WikiPedia is well respected for its quality and accuracy, compared to actual print encyclopedias, this is achieved by their sheer number of dedicated editors. They literally find edits by vandals and fix them within hours because of the degree of monitoring available. We do not begin to have that many Member editors nor anticipate having them. We therefore must restrict the posting and editing of remarks by Visitors to the Discussion or 'talk' pages associated with every informational page like this one. Please do not be insulted if you are the typical well intentioned Visitor. The limitation is ours in our editing capabilities.

We especially welcome your constructive remarks to provide us with a way to provide the continuing improvement that we wish to create. We consider notice of all of the following to be of great value:

  • Typographical errors and spelling
  • Factual errors, alternate interpretations
  • Quality of prose, word usage, style, grammar
  • Structural and organizational problems
  • Suggestions for additions and deletions to the text
  • Suggestions for additional content
  • Other matters of consideration by more experienced Wiki Editors

All Visitors are invited to present such concerns on the Discussion pages of the Wiki. We will give them our most prompt attention possible.

Please be aware that the programs of a Wiki give us the ability to track Visitors in terms of the identity of the computer by which they visited the Wiki. This permits their present right to post and edit on the Discussion pages to be terminated for acts of Vandalism. This is not stated to be insulting but to advise those who might be tempted to do so that this ability exists and will be exercised.

Again, we welcome you as Visitors and at the left margin is the standard menu bar for navigating the Wiki or for searching for particular information within the pages of the Wiki. If what you wish to find is not there, please leave a note for us on a convenient Discussion page and we will try to make it available for you.

Sincerely, the My Big TOE Wiki Administration

--Ted Vollers 16:48, 24 May 2011 (CDT)

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