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Ok, now that I think that I understand the model and the model is not the reality, what is the reality?

The reality is that your reality can never be anything more than what you experience. Because your experience will always be limited, you are thus stuck with only a tentative model that best describes the potential facts of your personal experience. To keep this inherent uncertainty from raising your entropy, creating a distraction, or becoming a barrier, you must learn to accept uncertainty and live with it gracefully. That sounds easy at the intellectual level, but at the being level this uncertainty is the root cause of the frustration that is generated by you continually running into limitations that you cannot see and do not understand. With sufficient experience and due diligence, you will be able to connect more and more of the dots at both the intellectual and being levels -- thus discovering and reducing your limitations -- but not entirely eliminating them as long as you are you -- an IUOC (in any of your forms) differentiated from the whole. When you are one with The One, your limitations disappear along with your need to know or be anything more than you already are – you are reality – All That Is.

With enough experimentation, experience, and due diligence, one day your model (Big TOE) will perhaps evolve to be able to fit (explain) all the considerable data you have managed to collect over the decades. At that point the string you are pushing on (limitations you are and are not aware of) may feel a little stiffer and more solid (less frustrating) because your personal experience and understanding give you the confidence that is necessary to accept uncertainty gracefully. Goals become irrelevant and disappear as the journey through now becomes more than enough to grow on.

Tom C.

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