What should I do to maximize my growth rate?

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Maximizing your growth rate - the evolution of your consciousness -- requires three mutually interdependent things to work together -- much like the mutual interdependence of wisdom, experience, and knowledge as discussed above {in the original bulletin board thread}.

The first is awareness. Awareness of yourself, of your intent, of your consciousness, of your fear, ego, and beliefs, of your potential choices, of what is important and what is not, of how you interact with your environment. Awareness of your environment including other people, being present in the moment, being aware of what others are thinking and feeling, as well as of their needs and how you might affect them, being aware of a larger reality and your place and function in it, of where you are going and how you are going to get there. Awareness of the dynamics of relationship from the perspective of the big picture. That is a lot of awareness to develop.

The second is to let go of fear and ego (wants needs, desires, beliefs, and expectations) -- from this, competency, focus, trust, and effectiveness develops to allow the being to optimize the productivity of its interactions and understand the purpose of its existence.

The third is to embrace change and uncertainty -- make a constant and consistent effort to change, to grow up, to internalize, absorb, integrate, and organize the results of one and two above into a new way of being, a new perspective. a new reality in which a new you exists. Your reality evolves and expands as you evolve and expand. This last one requires a long term view, a desire to improve yourself more than your situation, gumption, stick-to-itiveness, drive, energy, and focus over a lifetime.

That's all you have to do -- a very short list with just three items on it. Get all that done and you will maximize the value of your daily experience and be off to a good start.

Tom C

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