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I think the virtual brain and body primarily serves the purpose to specify the constraints of the PMR rule set and PMR evolution (a reflection of the rule set) on the PMR experience of consciousness. The virtual brains functionality, or lack thereof, constrains the generation and interpretation of the data stream that defines our reality to be in consonance with what the PMR evolved virtual brain can support -- i.e., be in consonance with the rules set and its historical effects. It seems probable that the information that you normally think the brain has access to (your memory) lies in the larger consciousness system in a metaphorical folder with your name on it. This folder is the FAWU (Free Will Awareness Unit). There is only a virtual brain -- since there is no physical brain, all information and memory is simply within Consciousness. The physical body and brain represents the limitations of our local personal PMR experience. The brain is not a source of information, only a constraint upon the source of information.

Tom C

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