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Q: Given PMR and a PMR database, what is the difference between the data associated with (related to) 1) a tree and the data associated with 2) your long dead uncle Fred, and the data associated with 3) your life in PMR up to this moment?

Nothing I can think of (though it is late as I write this). The fundamental difference between you as opposed to the tree and Uncle Fred is that you have a finite decision space and exercise free will within that decision space within PMR in the present moment. The major difference between uncle Fred and the tree is that most of the time, an Uncle Fred will have a larger, richer data set associated with him than the tree has; and most of the time, the tree is being perceived more often by sentient beings in PMR than uncle Fred is.

Physical things do not have an independent existence -- they are simply interpretations of data in the "mind" of a consciousness engaged in an interactive experience game with a specific rule set that evolved in a simulation. Cells, as part of a body, are imposed by the rule set -- they are a constraint that defines how things work here. They have no fundamental existence.

The function and purpose of the PMR virtual reality (e.g., virtual body/brain/cell/tree/rock/universe) which evolved within the PMR simulation, is to apply the constraints of the PMR rule-set to our perception. They (virtual body/brain/cell of any type/tree/rock/universe ) are only rendered (added to someone’s data stream) as required. No doubt a given cell could possibly have some data related to it (a history) if it was a key player in some event, just as a tree or you could. But the system only saves what it needs to run the PMR evolution trainer. Data that has a very low probability of being needed to help the PMR trainer perform its mission within its constraints should be dumped -- otherwise it becomes useless overhead to carry along.


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